November 11, 2010

Today I woke up with a hard on reflective and earnest realisation..

“OMG!! I’m pushing 30 and have not achieved my target of marrying a rich handsome stud and being the envy of all the mami jarums in Penang anything!!!”

What memorable feat have I endeavored? How many milestones have I reached? Who’s life have I inspired? Which hot celebrity have I snogged? There are still so much that I haven’t done which I had planned on doing before I turn 30!! And 30?? That’s like…yikes… old! 😛

I remember a time when I was a young nubile fresh faced 24-year old who just stepped into the corporate world. I could only watch in great awe and admiration as the older more sophisticated ladies in my department went about  selling Amway, Avon and bogus MLM schemes their challenging and monumental responsibilities at work. I remember thinking at that point.. geez thank god I am only 24! Yippeee!!

Today, just a mere few years down the road, I realise that in spite of my age defying (and at times gravity defying) stunts, I am on the verge of becoming them…OLD!! CAPITAL O…L…D!!  While I still get hit on by 17 year old kids in school uniforms mistaken for that young nubile fresh faced  24-year old at times, I can only conclude that deep down and underneath it all..you can never..ever.. fight that aging process.

Here are some reasons why.

1) You park your car at the same place you have been parking everyday at work, got out, walk to the lobby then realise that you had forgotten your handbag. You turn around, went back to the lot..and now you can’t remember where your car is!!!

2) Previously, you beamed with pleasure when people think you are 21 coz that means you can finally enter a club without any concerns. Now you jump up and down and do a gelek gerudi Inul Saturday Night Fever style jiggy when people think you are 21 coz that means that you can still wear that baby tee and sports shoes and get away with it.

3) You refer to yourself as makcik regularly.

4) You don’t mind it when others refer to yourself as makcik regularly.

5) Your definition of a party is ..cupcakes, fruitpunch, balloons, party packs with loads of candy, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, coordinating the musical chairs game and sitting around gossiping with the other chaperons.

6) You are not crazy about Justin Bieber.

7) You don’t even know who Justin Bieber is.

8 ) You and your partner got each other all excited the whole day..sexting, dirty talking…imagining various scenarios where you would rip each others clothes off and ravage each other senseless. The night arrive..you finally get to bed..and halfway through taking off the first piece of clothing… you doze off!

9) You long for the day when you could move to the country side, change your name to Mak Jah and live the simple life; sweeping the lawn, gardening and smoking weed drinking tea on the veranda.

10) You start yawning at 11.30 pm when you just arrived at a disko dangdut new and posh club coz its waaayyyyy past your bedtime and you are still not in bed!



  1. 11. u keep telling kids to turn the music down
    12. u refer to tennagers as kids

    and my birthday is coming soon too. sigh..

  2. 13. u start to use sentences ur parents used to say “Apa peshen la budak2 lani dok pakai”. I do that with some of my students..and it will always end it with “OMG wat am i saying?!”

    • bna :hahah peshen = very mami2 and budak2 lanih = indicates that we are no longer a budak2 anymore.. sigghhhhh

      anom : omg so true on 12.. i see ur niece n thinks omg shes a kid..

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