November 16, 2010

I actually wrote this post over two years ago, when I was still young and extremely hot first started blogging. Back then, my then 9-year old nephew was made the school prefect. Next year he will be turning 12 and last week he just got the news that not only has he been retained as prefect but he has also been made the Head Boy! 🙂 I am so proud of him I feel like doing the funky chicken routine at his school assembly during his swearing in / inauguration ceremony.

Anyways, I digress. In addition to migrating most of my valuable old content to this new platform, this post has become sorta relevant again in light of recent developments. So here goes….

Being a former notorious successful prefect myself in my primary school days, I’ve compiled a list of tips to give him and also for you to give to your kid brother/ nephew etc in order to make them naughty but macho and cool outstandingly moral prefects. Enjoy…

  1. Head prefect = authority = power = ability to extort other kids’ lunch money with ease 

  2. For as long as you look super innocent and do well in class… you can challenge the naughtiest kid in school to a fight and get away with it 

  3. You CAN challenge the same kid to a fight during school and STILL get away with it 

  4. Toy guns and toy cuffs CANNOT be used in reprimanding the baddies the naughty kids!! 

  5. If you are going to bring your PSP/ Gameboy to school, make sure you are privy to the spot check dates. 

  6. If your dad/grandpa is going to embarrass you by proudly telling kids in school that you are a prefect when he drops you off in the morning…. its better to walk.. or take the bus!! 

  7. No one would believe the big fat notorious kid if he reports you to the Principal. so yeah.. go ahead and beat the crap out of the moron! 

  8. If caught..you are not playing truant/ gallivanting about school, instead, you have willingly sacrificed part of your education time for the sake of safeguarding the peace and sanctity of the masses. 

  9. 9 out of 10 girls find boys in ties and prefect badges ultra sexy..so go ahead and ask her out 🙂 

  10. Official Prefect Duty : can range from asking a good prefect friend next door for drinks during BM period to skipping PJ for an “important meeting”, use it freely without guilt…:)

One comment

  1. i would pay to see you do the funky chicken routine 🙂

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