November 18, 2010

Part of the fun in blogging is bitching about the aging bimbo with the five-inch make up at work finding new things to write about. At times ideas can come to you whilst you are pretending to pay attention in that ridiculously long and boring meeting going about your daily mundane tasks. At times it can flow freely like the diarrhea you suffered after eating that spicy chicken curry at your mother in law’s home. Whilst at others you could be inspired by the boastful lies amazing adventures of the crazy friend of a friend’s who you met at a party.

Indeed there are a gazillion things to blog about as reflected by the gazillion number of blogs out there. In all the time that I have been blogging and blog hopping at the office instead of finishing up work I have come to think about the things you should actually refrain from blogging about. Here are some examples.

1. The effective ways to boost blog traffic when your blog receives an average of 3 hits per week!

2. Gosip liar Mak Kiah di kampung.

3. What you had for dinner (when it starts with ‘instant’ and ends with ‘noodles)’.

4. Your grandmother’s famous technique of preparing and folding her juleps (sireh).

5. The things and places your cats have peed on.

6. The 167th pair of Jimmy Choo’s that you bought ..in your 167th post.

7. Swear words / curses you have successfully taught your two-year old.

8. The super friendly cockroaches in your house, their daily activities and what you have named them.

9. Your hubby’s cocktail dress collection and how he wears them, whenever he has the whimsical urge to cross dress.

10. Menopausal females who haven’t gotten some in ages and why you shouldn’t name your pets after them.


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  1. Excellent post.

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