November 22, 2010

Over the past few years I’ve been going to the gym off and on and have had my weight fluctuate more than the share prices at Bursa KL. In spite of the fact that I’m going through a fat phase at the moment, I am most certain that I will go through another round of psychotic behaviour which will make me lose all of it again soon.. someday.. when pigs can fly on their own accord, real soon. Regardless, I still feel compelled to share with you the tips and tricks to my once success story of being uber hot and slim.. so enjoy!!

  1. Nasi lemak rendang ayam is NOT a wholesome healthy breakfast!!
  2. Gym: a place where you actually have to work out to burn calories, not a place to hang around and drool over hot, toned, athletic men.
  3. Drooling over hot, toned, athletic men is not exercise and does not burn any calories.
  4. Reducing 1 McDonald’s meal a week is not “going on a diet”!!
  5. Yes.. eating those pieces of Belgium chocolates that your friend bought from Europe because you didn’t have the heart to turn away his kind offer.. does add the pounds!!
  6. There IS such a thing as tasty healthy food!
  7. Having said that.. if it tastes awful.. chances are its good for u!
  8. SEX is NOT the only exercise you need..
  9. You CAN see a person’s figure in the dark.. clearly at times.
  10. If you feel that your ass is too big for your face.. it probably is.


  1. Amusing tips, I like number 8 lol! Best of luck with your weight loss journey. Betty x

    • hey betty.. thanks for dropping by.. not really sure anyone will actually lose any weight following any of these tips but oh well they would have a fun time trying 🙂

  2. #4 is great! So many people see that as making significant progress.

    Great article and great tips!!!

    For more innovative workouts submit a request to “The Anywhere Challenge” at http://togtraining.wordpress.com/the-other-guy-challenge/

    -The Other Guy


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